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40 world leaders joined in unity in Paris march was a PR photo op shot on an empty Paris street [Photo]

Around 40 world leaders joined more than one million people in a march to honour the victims of the Paris shootings on Sunday…and it was completely staged for main stream media/social media consumption.

The New York Times hailed it as “unity in outrage.” LOL…What a bunch of tools.

The entire “40 world leaders joined in unity” was just one big photo op so that everyone in the western “exceptional” nations could take pride in how good and moral they are while, the rest of the world is full of bad muslims who, as George Bush so eloquently framed it, “they hate us for our freedoms.”

Keep on zombieing along sheeple.


Via Zerohedge…

Once again the mainstream media peddled the spoon-fed propaganda that world leaders “led the march” to honor the victims of the Paris shootings last week. Glorious photo-ops of Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko, David Cameron (oh, and not Barack Obama) were smeared across front pages hailing the “unity in outrage.” However, as appears to be the case in so many ‘events’ in the new normal managed thinking in which we live, The Independent reports, French TV has exposed the reality of the ‘photo-op’ seen-around-the-world: the ‘dignitaries’ were not in fact “at” the Paris rallies but had the photo taken on an empty guarded side street.


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