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AirBnb and Dropbox hipsters try to take over an SF football field with a paid permit to play. The neighborhood kids have none of that nonsense [Video]

There was a time when you would go to the public park to play pick up…no permits, no reservations.

Whoever was there first had dibs, and other guys would wait to take on the winners. That’s how men shared public space, and more importantly that’s how new friendships were formed within the community.

The beta male is being trained to bypass basic laws between men, that real players know and have abided by for years. They want reservations, apps to book a time, and pieces of paper that, for $27 bucks, give them sole ownership of community property. We say fuck that, wait your turn and take on winners. That’s the system that all men follow, period!

Backstory: Gentrification in the Mission District enabled by the San Francisco Parks & Recreation, in collusion with the private City Fields Foundation, decided to issue costly permits to a small traditional pick-up soccer field.

The AirBnb vs. Dropbox players show up and tried to kick the neighbourhood kids off of the field at prime time. They hipster start up dudes wanted did not want to wait their turn and play with everyone else.

They finally agree to play all together, which is the only way to build community…through competition and sport.

What do you think?

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