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America’s newest EU puppet, Federica Mogherini, blames Russia for Ukraine’s Mariupol attack. Hints at more sanctions

EU’s Foreign Policy chief, Federica Mogherini, quickly condemned Russia for yesterday’s Mariupol attacks, which coincidentally come at a time when Ukraine’s latest military efforts are failing on every front.

Any logical person can clearly see that the attacks are being used by Washington and their EU lapdogs to demonise Russia some more…and quite possibly churn out more sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Kiev has been shelling the Donbass, deliberately targeting and killing 5,000 people, for nearly a year, and the entire Western establishment has remained absolutely silent…including Mogherini.

Via Zerohedge:

About an hour ago, the European Union was quick to condemn that separatist attack on Mariupol, having said nothing at all for months over the comparable shelling, and arbitrary slaughter of citizens in separatist-controlled Donetsk. The EU’s kneejerk assessment: it’s Russia’s fault – “I call therefore openly upon Russia to use its considerable influence over separatist leaders and to stop any form of military, political or financial support.”

Having just arrived from her trip to Washington, where John Kerry had this to say in a joint news conference on January 21, 2015:

…I’m very, very pleased to welcome my friend Federica here. I got to know her and meet her in her brief stint as the foreign minister of Italy, and now elevated to the position of high representative, she is working with us on almost every single issue that we’re engaged in in terms of foreign policy. And we’re very, very appreciative for the significant cooperative relationship that we have. When we get together, it’s probably a lot quicker to figure out the things we – that are not on the agenda than it is to get through everything that is on the agenda. It’s just a fact.

The full statement from High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the attack on Mariupol:

Residential areas of the city of Mariupol have been fired upon today from separatist held territory, which has cost the lives of at least fifteen civilians, wounding many others and terrorising the innocent population. This comes after a series of indiscriminate attacks in the Donbas in the past few days, accompanied by the announcements of further offensives by Russia-backed separatists, who bluntly refuse to observe the cease fire.

This further escalation of the open armed conflict has tragic consequences for a population greatly suffering already for far too long. It would inevitably lead to a further grave deterioration of relations between the EU and Russia.

I call therefore openly upon Russia to use its considerable influence over separatist leaders and to stop any form of military, political or financial support. This would prevent disastrous consequences for all. Those responsible for the escalation must stop their hostile actions and live up to their commitments.

The OSCE was quick on the scene in Mariupol, and even quicker to deliver a verdict:

“…a crater analysis and its initial assessment showed that the impacts were caused by Grad and Uragan rockets. According to the impact analysis, the Grad rockets originated from a north-easterly direction, in the area of Oktyabr (19 km north-east of Olimpiiska Street), and the Uragan rockets from an easterly direction, in the area of Zaichenko (15 km east of Olimpiiska Street),”

For which Mogherini was even quicker to condemn the attack, and threaten Russia, in an official statement.

Colonel Cassad’s on the ground journal of events as they happen, sheds some light into the attack from a more accurate vantage point:

Aside from the traditional junta version, that it was bloody Putin using Novorossia forces to kill, there were already questions whether the junta struck Mariupol accidentally or on purpose. The accidental shelling suggests that the junta was trying to hit Novorossia forces located near Mariupol and conducting operations on the approaches, but due to the clumsiness of the artillerymen the volley hit the city (this version is supported by the fact that junta artillery struck their own forces marching in a column by Vinogradnoye). The other version is that it was done on purpose in order to blame Novorossia, make the offensive more difficult for our forces, and cause a reaction in Europe. It’s also possible it was a provocation on the go, when after the accidental bombardment of Mariupol the junta tried Novorossia using the same mechanism used in the case of Volnovakha. This version is supported by the fact that in addition of rockets coming from west and north-west, the junta and OSCE claim that additional rockets came from north-east, the direction of Oktyabrskoye. Since it is difficult to imagine that at the same moment both sides opened Grad fire and struck the same spot, the evident coordination of actions suggest evil intent of the perpetrator. This poses a very important question because, as OSCE is claiming the rockets came from north-east, then how did rockets coming from north-west or the west? I don’t believe in synchronicity.

A few provocators, attempting to discredit Zakharchenko’s and DPR’s official position, promoted the version of events suggesting fire came from Novoazovsk and Berdyanskoye, forgetting that, consistent with the DPR explanation, fire indeed came from Berdyanskoye, which is located west of Mariupol. The Novoazovsk version was launched by the junta, but then it somehow was transformed into a claim that the shelling was conducted by Novorossia forces located around Oktyabrskoye. The provocateurs evidently did not manage to keep up with the organizers of this incident, just as we saw in the case of the Volnovakha bus, where the junta defenders claiming it was Grad bombardment, began to claim the mine exploded because it was hit by a Grad, but only after it could not be denied it was a mine. Therefore the provocateurs are better advised to study equipment or at least the map of the area.

The rapidity with which the “OSCE investigation “ appeared, both at Volnovakha (where it was known ahead of time it was Russia’s fault, as always) and here likewise suggests this was a planned provocation in order to forestall the assault on Mariupol and increase diplomatic pressure on Russia, and continue the efforts to label DPR and LPR terrorist organizations, which the junta has been unsuccessfully trying for a long time. Since this provocation also misfired, we should expect new ones, and DPR intelligence have been warning to expect them for days.

When will Europeans rid themselves of these puppet, unelected Eurocrats?


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