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America’s smoking gun of a Russian invasion is 5 mint condition, Russian passports. This farce is becoming worse than Iraq WMDs

With every speech given on the international stage, Ukraine’s President Poroshenko is starting to look less like a ‘world leader’ and more like the actual cartoon character Porky Pig…a nickname he has deservedly earned since he took over the US/EU nazi revival project in Ukraine.

In front of a crowd in Munich that consisted of some of the most vile, war hungry people on the planet, from John McCain to Madeleine Albright and Lindsey Graham, Washington script writers decided that the smoking gun to the year long ‘Russia has invaded Ukraine’ meme was….wait for it…

Five mint condition Russian Passports.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The Washington script for Ukraine is like watching “Dumb and Dumber 3, The New Adventures of Porky Poroshenko and Ketchup Kerry.”  

Oh…It’s the passports stupid, that’s the solid evidence we have been waiting for. We were so stuck on seeing some solid satellite imagery from Washington that we totally forgot about the passport angle. Isn’t Porky the clever one.

We all know Russian military units travel with spanking brand new passports in hand. It’s Russian tradition, that after every conflict, soldiers immediately jump on a plane to get some sun and fun in the Bahamas…passports are needed. What an obvious way to prove the Russian invasion claims.

Twitter burst out in laughter after Porky’s big display.

Best part is that Porky’s Munich speech followed his Davos presentation where he begged world leaders for money to continue bombing the terrorist women and five year old children in Donbass…and then showed a piece of yellow metal from a bus attack that was later proven by the OSCE to have been carried out by his very own Ukrainian Third Reich army.

Watching Porky take the stage at world events is like watching a prop comic take the stage at LA’s Laugh Factory.

Hey world, remember when this guy pulled out his anthrax test tube prop at the United Nations to convince the world that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction…we know how splendidly well that US Hollywood script played out.

The video’s above speak for themselves. If you can’t connect the dots and see that this entire Ukraine drive for war is a copy & paste repeat of the disastrous Saddam/Iraq invasion, then you are beyond help…consider yourself fully zombified.

America and Europe, is openly funding and supporting a group of idiot, neo-nazi cartoon characters in Ukraine…and “Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

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