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Angela Merkel says NATO desires to be friends with Russia. Ask Libya and Serbia how that friendship worked out

Red Pill life rule…watch what people do NOT what they say.

Here is what Angela Merkel said about NATO’s intentions with regard to Russia, as reported by Sputnik News Agency:

“Of course, according to Article 5, we will defend all of our member states, but we do not want to pursue policies against Russia, we desire political cooperation with [the] Russian Federation,” Merkel told journalists after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Her words were echoed by Stoltenberg, who stressed that “NATO is not trying to lead a confrontation course against Russia, but wants a constructive relationship.”

Earlier on Wednesday Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday that he wished to normalize relations with the West, stating that Russia “value[d] the relations that we’ve had with Europe over the last few decades.”

If that is the case Mrs. Merkel, then maybe NATO should stop doing this…


Or bombing countries like Serbia, with nifty PR catchphrases like “A massive bombing attack opens the door to peace.”



Or teaming up with the EU vultures to rip apart Libya…



Or suppling weapons, money and every other resource they can muster so that a putsch government in Kiev can do this to its very own citizens in the East…

The Prime Minister of Ukraine visits NATO






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