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Anna Duritskaya, the Ukrainian model by Boris Nemtsov’s side when he was gunned down at point blank range

Central Moscow, close to midnight. The Kremlin and St. Basil’s church in the background as Boris Nemtsov is walking with a 23-year old Ukrainian model freshly arrived from Kiev. A white car pulls up and fires what authorities say were 6 gun shoots at point blank range.

Preliminary results show that the politician was killed from a Makarov pistol. Experts found six 9-mm cartridge cases at the scene.

The Ukrainian model by his side was left unharmed.

At the moment the investigation taking place in Moscow is considering several versions of the crime. One such version may be revenge for his mistress, Anne Duritskaya, which has recently had an abortion by Nemtsov.

Izvestia reports…

Izvestia reports that the investigators are considering several possible scenarios of Nemtsov’s murder. They are not excluding the possibility he was killed for ordinary personal reasons.

“The young woman who was with Nemtsov at the moment of his murder is a citizen of Ukraine. We have established that she recently flew from Moscow to Switzerland to have an abortion. The investigators are trying to establish whether Nemtsov was her only partner, and we are not excluding the possibility there was a personal conflict over her,” notes a highly placed law enforcement source.

Nemtsov himself went to Ukraine on many occasions and had many contacts with the representatives of the local political and business elites, which represent the “party of war.”

According to preliminary information, the killer fired at least seven times at Nemtsov, hitting him in the back, then left the scene. Nemtsov died on the scene. The young woman who was with him was not injured.

Fort Russ Blog comments that out of all the the scenarios that are floating around:

…the personal motive actually sounds the most plausible at the moment.

There’s always a possibility Ukraine’s “war party” needed a martyr, of course, so their involvement cannot be ruled out entirely.

However, in the end, it does not seem coincidental that the young woman in question, a 23-year-old actress-model Anna Duritskaya, a native of Kiev, was with Nemtsov at the moment of his killing. She might have had other lovers; she most likely has relatives. At least one of them might not have been happy with her lifestyle choice. Moreover, a contract killer would have likely a) not needed to fire seven shots and b) would not have left a live witness on the scene.

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Anna Duritskaya2

Anna Duritskaya


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