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After all the austerity and suffering the EU has brought to its members, 54% of Serbians still want to join EU [Poll]

The poll conducted by EurActiv Friday suggests that Serbian citizens like Russia more than the European Union, but still want to join the EU, believing that Brussels’ rule will lead to better living conditions. In reality, EU membership is a one way ticket to poverty and serfdom.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the pictures below…but first the poll as reported on by Sputnik News Agency…

According to the poll conducted by Ipsos Strategic Marketing for Serbian Beta news agency, 52 percent of Serbians have a positive view of Russia and only 32 percent have a positive view of the EU. However, 54 percent of those questioned would have backed joining the 28-member bloc if the vote on the EU membership was to take place today.

Those in favor of joining the European Union believe that the EU membership would improve economic situation, cut unemployment and help defeat corruption in Serbia. But only one Serbian in four is aware that Belgrade engaged in EU membership talks a year ago. 

Both Russia and the EU are viewed more positively by Serbians now than in February 2014, when the previous poll was held. Early in 2014, 46 percent Serbians said they like Russia and 27 said they have a positive attitude toward the European Union.

Before getting too giddy about the EU, we suggest Serbia take a closer look at the wonderful life EU membership has afforded citizens of these European countries…each of which is suffering from record high unemployment, lower wages, higher taxes, and one country below (cough cough…Cyprus) even had EU robber barons raid private citizen’s bank deposit accounts.

The benefits of EU membership in…






A man begs on a street in Athens during an anti-austerity demonstration


Spain austerity




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