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Azov Battalion Nazi dance. These are people that American and European taxpayers give money to [Video]

Half-naked men of the neo-nazi military branch, the Azov Battalion of Ukraine, are seen jumping around the room, looking less like serious fighters and more like drugged up skinheads at a punk-rock concert.

Half way through the video, several men start throwing a series of white power, Nazi salutes that were used as a greeting in Nazi Germany.

Merkel and Obama must be so proud.

American and European taxpayers…congratulations, you will be taking care of these guys for the next 20 years.

Want some hilarious irony to boot (via Sputnik News Agency):

The video was published on the same day as the world marked the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and is a slap in the face of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who himself spoke about the importance of remembering the victims of Holocaust at the Holocaust Memorial event on Tuesday.

“I am calling on the entire world not to allow the replay of the tragic events. Not only should we remember the innocent victims of the past but we should also think how not to allow the replay of the tragedies similar to the Holocaust and the WWII on the whole,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko’s words seem somewhat ironic, considering the men currently fighting for his country’s army appear to be glorifying Nazism — the very evil Ukraine claims to loathe in public.

The Azov Battalion is equipped with heavy weaponry and had done much of the fighting for Kiev. It was reported that a number of foreign volunteers were fighting with the infamous battalion. Previously, the Azov Battalion was criticized for right-wing extremism and operating outside the law, the Guardian reported.

The stupidity of these guys is apparent in this video, but what is more amazingly stupid is that Europeans and Americans support these idiots.


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