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Big surprise; Super rich Oligarchs win Ukraine elections. Nazi parties take 16% of vote. What the hell were the Maidan protests all about?

They protested for months last year to remove the Oligarch government and yesterday voted for an even richer, more powerful Oligarch government…sprinkled with a bit of Nazi party representation.

Political and military analyst, The Saker, breaks down yesterday’s Ukraine election results in one simple post title:

Oligarchs beat Nazis in Ukraine elections

More from The Saker:

According to exit polls, here are the (provisional) results of the elections in Banderastan [Ukraine]:

Poroshenko: 23%
Iatseniuk: 21%
Self-Help: 13%
Opposition Block: 7%
Liashko: 6%
Tiagnibok: 5%
Timoshenko: 5%

Assuming this is more or less correct, this means that the various oligarch controlled parties (in blue above) have won a strong victory against the various Nazi parties (in red): 44% vs 16%. Even if we add the Self-Help party to the Nazis, we still get 44% vs 29%.

I think we will have to wait for Wednesday for official and final results.

Expect the Ukraine government, on orders from Washington, to restart the war in the East, ASAP, before winter really hits.

It’s the only way to distract people from the big economic collapse coming and IMF/EU pillaging of everything Ukraine ever possessed.

It will also feed nicely into the main stream media’s hunger for Putin demonisation.

Darth Vader was the best option Ukraine had…too bad he lost.


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