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The biggest US poodle of them all. The UK is now considering sending arms to Kiev

Is the United Kingdom capable of making an independent decision without the United State’s blessing?

No wonder Cameron was not invited to tag along with Merkel or Hollande during their recent road show to Kiev and Moscow. No one respects the UK anymore, because the United Kingdom acts more like a protectorate of Washington neo-cons, than a sovereign nation.

Sputnik News Agency reports:

The United Kingdom’s decision not to supply weapons to Ukraine will be reviewed if the situation in the conflict-torn country changes, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Sunday.

“Britain’s position is that at the moment we do not think that supplying arms is the right thing to do but obviously if the situation on the ground changes we’ll keep that position under review,” Hammond told Sky News.

On Saturday, the UK foreign secretary announced that his country would not be supplying arms to Ukraine, stressing that London was “focused on a diplomatic track” in addressing the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Hammond’s words followed Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that her country would not be sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. France and Finland ruled out the supplies of weaponry as well, calling for a diplomatic solution.


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