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Bloomberg #MajorFail. Hit piece calling for regime change in Russia says Kremlin is afraid of Navalny and his 1.3 social media followers

No need to breakdown yet another western main stream media article on “evil Putin” and the good guy oligarch criminal Khodorkovsky, and his money laundering sidekick Navalny, who are fighting to bring American democracy to Russia (aka resource pillaging and plundering).

In the Bloomberg article entitled, “Murder, Poisoning, Raids: It’s Election Season in Russia“, authors Henry Meyer, Irina Reznik and Evgenia Pismennaya call for regime change in Russia, so as to usher in a glorious age of US sponsored democracy in Russia. The authors forget to mention that Russia already lived through that magical thing called ‘US sponsored democracy’ in the 90s under Yeltsin, and we all know how that worked out.

The entire article is your typical MSM garbage, devoid of any merit, strictly targeted at a zombie population living in a bankrupt and broke west.

If the authors characterise Russian elections as “Murder, Poisoning, Raids” how should we characterise the US Presidential election process currently playing out? “Genocide, Super PACs, Corruption, Email Scandals”.

At least the authors got one thing right in their article. Though a typo (and still on the site, for now), Bloomberg states that the Kremlin and Russian President Putin (with his astronomical 89% approval rating) is “concerned” with Navalny, who is a formidable challenger for the position of President with his army of 1.3 social media followers.

Of which, 1 of the 1.3 Navalny followers is a bot, leaving the Kremlin worried about Navalny’s 0.3 social media followers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.21.25 AM

What would American media and US government officials do without citing social media? From the fake Syrian gas attack video on Youtube, to using Twitter and Youtube to try and blame “Russian rebels” for the downing of MH17…and now using “social media follower” numbers to build a case for a US puppet, Russian presidential hopeful.

Bloomberg’s #MajorFail typo and the entire article will accomplish only one thing…


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