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Brave woman! Ukrainian MP Bondarenko speaks the truth in front of some nasty men as she is told to “Kneel in front of the Army” [Video]

Sometimes a man has the honor of seeing a brave women in action…taking on the forces of evil.

We applaud Ukrainian MP Bondarenko for making this speech and denouncing Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass. She was silenced by Parliament Speaker Turchynov, and immediately told to “kneel before the Ukrainian Army.”

US approved democracy in action!

This women is to be commended for standing up to a room full of nazi’s who are backed and supported by the United States of America and the European Union…WOW!

She deserves much respect. We are 110% positive that the main stream media will never show this video, because it exposes their lies and ruins the current narrative to push us all to war…Iraq WMD all over again.

[Remember to add Captions and English translation in the video settings]

This women has more balls than Obama, Poroshenko, Barroso and Hollande combined. She also must really care about her country as she appears to not be corrupted by the billions of dollars promised in kickbacks by the IMF, EU and US State Department.

Transcript of the Video:

Bondarenko: “Dear colleagues! You forget that there are thousands of innocent civilians killed in Donbass [south-east Ukraine]. Thousands civilians were killed in Donbass in result of ‘anti-terrorist operation’. I’d like to ask you to commemorate them with a minute of silence…Thank you. However, the fact lets me to speak that our current authorities segregate people into Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians. The power that sends army to bomb peaceful cities – is a criminal power. The power that takes away from children the mere right to education…[then the microphone is switched off].”

Turchynov (the parliament’s speaker): “I ask you to stop the provocation and pro-Russian agitation – we have enough RTR and ORT [Russian TV-channels]. Take your place and sit down. Sit down, please, take your seat. Ukrainian army defends Ukraine and you too – you have to kneel before Ukrainian army – so, quit the parliamentary tribune.”


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