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Canada is ready to commit military to the fighting in Ukraine

So much for Canada being a peaceful nation that supports human rights and equality. Last night Canada’s Defense minister Rob Nicholson speaking in Trenton, Ontario announced that Canada will be sending military equipment to Ukraine.

The Ukraine army will in turn use the supplies to protect their eastern border Nicholson said, speaking to reporters.

We are sure that the arms being sent to Ukraine will never be used by the neo-nazi government to continue their campaign of terror on innocent civilians…Canada would never support such actions from a fascist government, would they?

Zerohedge makes an even better point reporting on Canada’s escalation…

…perhaps one should ask ISIS where US military equipment that was meant for Al-Qaeda, pardon, Syrian rebels to dethrone Assad ended up…

To be sure this expansion is purely symbolic however the first formal entrance of a NATO member into the Ukraine conflict will assure it only escalates from here.

And while we are sure Putin is shaking in his boots at the newest NATO escalation in Ukraine, the fact a western country is now admittedly sending weapons to an illegal, openly fascist government in Ukraine is enough to give us pause and ask why are they pushing so hard for this conflict to expand.

We should also ask what the hell happened to the MH17 Air Traffic Control tapes seized by Keiv authorities or the black box recorders.  I guess Washington needs some time to see how to spin that false flag narrative for public consumption.

Moe from Zerohedge on the Canadian escalation towards all out war:

What happens next is anyone’s guess, however with this formal expansion of the “regional” proxy war to include western powers, thereby making the new Cold War quite warm, Putin will certainly take an appropriate response seeing what was until now a confined civil war involving “only” Ukraine participants, if only on paper, expand into global. Keep in mind that while Putin may well have been supporting the east Ukraine rebels, there was never any formal admission of this. Now that brand new NATO forces will be effectively on the Russian borders, the Kremlin may have just the pretext it needed to justify its military expansion into a conflict which it will claim is merely for self-preservation against clear NATO involvement and expansion, i.e., “defensive.”

Furthemore, since Canada is now involved, expect other NATO member countries to also jump in, thus provoking the Russian bear that much more and leading to a sequence of events that will hardly be pleasant for anyone.

I wonder if Canada (or NATO) has any military personnel already, secretly, embedded in the Ukraine military leading the push to cleanse the East of the country of any Slavic, Christian Orthodox signs of life.



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