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Once Catholic Ireland now approves abortion on demand

Chalk up another victory for the feminism and equality.

What was once referred to as “Catholic Ireland” is now just Ireland. All memory of what once was is to be brushed away by modernism. Contraception, divorce, and sodomy were all forbidden in the eighties, but by the nineties, contraception and divorce were legalized.  Ireland then became the first country in history to allow same-sex marriage by public referendum, and by no small margin. Now as this article is being written, exit polls are showing an approval of abortion by 68% in favor, 32 % against. This is unprecedented! This far exceeds the expectations of anybody with their eye on the situation.

Even though the West has been moving more toward secularization for decades, few would have thought that Ireland would vote this overwhelmingly in favor of abortion. Ireland was once seen as a hold out of traditional morality in the West. The legalization of infanticide will no doubt take that illusion away from us all now. It seems that the West is unable to maintain religious values, they can’t be kept in even a small pocket  Chalk up another victory for the feminism and equality. As  those are the only values left in a society that cares about nothing else.

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