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Climate Change is sexist, according to Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Rising temperatures and desertification will inevitably charge women with the daily tasks of survival

According to presidential candidate and former Secretary of State, climate change is, in fact, sexist. Yep. Sexist.

With the impending desertification of many areas, climate change will largely leave women with the primary responsibility of foraging for food, chopping firewood, relocating cattle, etc.

Hillary answers “I would say that particularly for women, you’re absolutely right, they will bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all of the grass is finally gone as the desertification moves south and you have to keep moving your livestock for your crops are no longer growing, they’re burning up in the intense heat that we’re now seeing reported across North Africa, into the Middle East, and into India. So yes, women once again, will be the primary…primarily burdened with the problems of climate change.”

If women are doing all the manual labor and foraging and survival tasks, what on Earth are men supposed to be doing when civilization reverts to prehistoric standards? Hillary doesn’t make that clear.

Also what Hillary doesn’t make clear is why it’s so bad that women are doing all of these things, and why they seem to be the ones overwhelmingly burdened with such menial tasks. Aren’t women supposed to be equally good at everything as men (which is supposedly one of the reasons why there is a push to include women in the draft), or even better if what the televisions portrays has any accuracy to it? And why wouldn’t such hardships be equally experienced by everybody? Why would the burden be so inequitable?

Clinton portrayed this view of mankind’s sexist and bleak future in a speech that she made at Georgetown University, where she also pointed to endemic misogyny as the primary reason why she lost her bid for the Presidency to Donald Trump. Perhaps she perceives that when things do go to Hades in a handbasket, that it will be because of, and will be replete with, sexism.

What do you think?

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