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CNN hack says only way Trump can prove he is not racist is by passing DACA

Ana Navarro says Trump must pass DACA to prove be is not a racist.

‘Pass DACA, then Trump will not be branded a racist’…that was the purpose of the entire “s**thole” scandal leak.

CNN’s Ana Navarro says Trump must pass DACA to prove he is not a racist.

Of course Navarro gets carried away, as always, and proceeds to call POTUS a “pussy” in Spanish.

The Gateway Pundit reports

Never Trump hack Ana Navarro, who routinely criticizes President Trump for his language, cursed at the president in Spanish.

Not only did Ana Navarro call President Trump a ‘c*nt’ and or ‘pussy’ (depending on the translation), she accused the president of being a racist.

Stay classy Ana Navarro.

Ana Navarro tweeted,”If @realDonaldTrump wants to try to do something to contradict the widely-held perception that he is a dark-hearted racist, there is a quick way for him to do it: exert some damn leadership and pass #DACA. Pass it now. ¡Coño!”

So President Trump is racist if he decides to enforce federal immigration laws and put Americans first? Let that sink in.

Isn’t it strange how Donald Trump has been in the public eye for decades yet no one has ever accused him of being racist until he ran for president of the United States as a Republican?

The only reason why there is any public perception that Trump is racist is because the media and left-wing hacks say he is (without proof).

Obama didn’t give DACA recipients American citizenship either. DACA was unconstitutional to begin with.

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