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“Complete nonsense” – Doctors Without Borders disputes US claims that they targeted Taliban…’Bombings lasted for more than an hour’

Via Sputnik News…

The US military’s claims that the Kunduz hospital attacked by US forces housed Taliban militants are “complete nonsense”, a representative of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) told Sputnik Tuesday.

“We want a fully independent investigation and the three we’ve heard of so far don’t seem to us independent enough, so we’re looking into other possibilities, but it takes some time before we can come with a clear proposition,” president of MSF’s operational directorate in Brussels Meinie Nicolai told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

Not all of the hospital staff have been accounted for after the bombing, he added. “We are dealing with the aftermath, we have [people] severely wounded, we have not all staff accounted for, we don’t know that everybody is alive,” Nicolai said.

“Saturday morning, bombing started at the hospital, and this was by air, and it lasted for more than an hour. And there were several rounds where an airplane came over and fired at the hospital,” Nicolai added.

According to him, victims of the US bombing included children who were burned alive.

On September 28, Taliban militants seized the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, knocking government forces out of the city. After the reinforcements arrived, the Afghan army, backed by US airstrikes, began an offensive to regain control of the city.


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