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Copy and paste regime change. US and EU are aggressively funding a Maidan style revolution in Hungary

CTRL + C Kiev. CTRL + V Budapest.

Behind it all, the usual suspects, USA, EU, George Soros and all those lovely NGOs that specialise in training (and paying) people to tweet, facebook, and pile into squares with ready made signs calling for ‘democracy’ and ‘western values.’

I wonder when Brussels will activate their ‘snipers-for -hire’ so we can all witness, yet again, what happens when a country tries to break free from the Empire’s rule.

Via RT:

The protesters carried banners, saying “Game Over” and “Delete Viktor [Orban]”. According to AFP estimates, the demonstration gathered about 5,000 people in front of the Budapest opera house.

“We condemn the parties of the last 25 years… We cannot expect the state to think for us,” one of the organizers of the demonstration, Zsolt Varady, said in a speech at the rally.

“I think it is important for people to demonstrate,” Varady said. “The politicians have gone far away from reality. They don’t seem to represent the public’s views.”

People said they were concerned over the country’s policy on centralization in education and public administration. They accused Orban’s government of drawing Hungary further away from other European Union members.

“In all aspects of our lives, we fear the return of a centralized system similar to the one under communism, which my generation struggled against,” said Eva Bari, a teacher.

The activists also accused PM Orban of strengthening ties with Russia, as he has been a vocal opponent of sanctions against Moscow, currently a key EU policy. Orban ha argued that they hurt Europeans more than they hurt Moscow, and pledged to lobby for their abolition.

The sanctions were imposed over Russia’s position in the Ukrainian crisis, which started almost exactly a year ago with street protests not unlike those unfolding in Budapest now. In November 2013, Ukrainians took to the streets after the Ukrainian government postponed an integration deal with the EU.

The Budapest protest organizers said they are calling another rally for February 1, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Budapest.

The PM’s Fidesz party scored a landslide victory in October 2013 municipal elections, while left-wing parties performed poorly, failing to produce a joint candidate to spearhead their campaign.

The Hungarian government denies accusations of authoritarianism by its critics. It insists the new tax compensates for the loss of taxes in other sectors of telecommunications, such as already-taxed telephony and text messages, as people switch to internet-based services.

How convenient that the next protest is going to take place when Empress Angela Merkel will be in Budapest. You can’t make this stuff up.

This is a remake of the Maidan, instigated and maintained by Soros, the CIA and the European Union. All these city square coups are becoming dangerously common.

Remember when Ukraine’s democratically elected president postponed (NOT CANCELED) the EU Association agreement because it was, quite simply, a very bad economic deal…America sent in its Masters of Destruction Victoria Nuland and John McCain.

Orban’s crime…looking out for the interest of his country and not America’s Kings and Queens. Now its time to push hard to make Hungary into another well behaved US vassal state, like Germany, Holland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, etc…


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