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Dashcam video submitted to police films the 3 minutes after the Boris Nemtsov’s murder sequence

The following video clip shows the immediate aftermath of the murder with the white getaway car accelerating and the garbage truck on the side of the bridge, all seen via close-up dashcam footage.

Journalist Tonya Samsonova posted the below video in her blog on Echo of Moscow’s website. She said the footage has already been handed over to investigators, and that the owner of the clip gave permission for it to be published online.

Go to 0:30 to see the white “getaway” car cut the driver off, accelerate, and then slow as the scene of Nemtsov’s assassination comes in sight.

The white car cuts off the driver turning onto the bridge.


The white car then slows on the bridge as it approaches the murder scene.

The actual crime scene on the side of the bridge


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