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Donetsk authorities have evidence that the US/EU backed Ukraine army is planning to attack a Debaltseve refugee bus in a false flag operation ahead of Munich Conference

It is now becoming evident that the US/EU backed Ukraine army is not capable of securing a victory over Novorussian forces.

Unable to wage any sort of meaningful offensive operation, Ukraine’s nazi army has relied on bombarding civilians and instigating numerous false flag attacks ahead of international events.

How much longer the US/EU backed Ukraine army can keep up its strategy of civilian terror shelling, amid an economy at the point of disintegration, is anyone’s guess…but given the fact that the US is ready to supply more lethal weapons to its Ukrainian forces is a tell tale sign that we should expect more innocent casualties and many more false flag operations in an effort to ratchet up the drive for war with Russia.

Donetsk People’s Republic’s officials claim they have evidence that a Ukrainian army artillery unit plans to shell a passenger bus carrying refugees from the Debaltseve area in Donbas ahead of the Munich security conference…an event where Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and US Vice President Joe Biden, are expected to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“To achieve this goal, a Ukrainian army artillery unit will shell a passenger bus carrying refugees from the contested Debaltsevo area [in Donbas],” deputy head of the DPR forces Eduard Basurin told reporters in Donetsk.

According to Basurin, the evidence was obtained earlier on Wednesday from questioning an Ukrainian officer, who had surrendered to a unit of the DPR forces on February 2.

Basurin added that the Kiev leadership was planning to disseminate this fact through the Ukrainian and foreign media with the goal to discredit the DPR ahead of the Munich security conference on February 6-8, and to push for the recognition of the DPR as a ‘terrorist organization’ by the world community.

Debaltseve is a key rail and road junction in the region. Thousands of Ukrainian troops are currently trapped within in the city, and pro-independence forces surround the area. The OSCE urged the warring parties on Wednesday to agree on a truce to give residents time to escape violence.


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