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DPR Prime Minister, Zakharchenko, explains in very simple terms why the US/EU backed Ukraine army will never defeat the people of Novorussia

It’s simple for Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Aleksandr Zakharchenko…the people of Novorussia are defending their land.

Novorussia’s militia fights with a higher purpose, while the US/EU back neo-nazi army of Ukraine is fighting for reasons that will surely seal their defeat…

  • They were drafted into fighting
  • They are getting paid cash to fight
  • They were promised the land of the East once the local residents were ‘removed’
  • They are drugged up
  • They have been brainwashed with nazi propaganda for over two decades

A war cannot be won with a moral anchored in such shallow purposes.

From Fort Russ blog…

Kiev should not expect to gain military superiority over the militias of the people’s republics, Aleksandr Zakharchenko said on Monday.

“If Poroshenko thinks that his army can compete with ours, let him see how quickly we took Uglegorsk,” said Poroshenko, appearing before journalists together with the head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitskiy.

“They are throwing into battle untrained reservists who can’t even tell the business end of a rifle. We have high morale, we have lived here, we live here now, and will continue to do so, this is our land,” added Zakharchenko.

He reminded that, in view of another wave of Ukrainian mobilization, DPR and LPR made a decision to start the recruitment of volunteers into the militia, and called on the people of Ukraine to turn against the unnecessary war.

Let’s break down Zakharchenko reasons for Novorussian military success into simple bullet points…

  • We have high morale
  • We have lived here
  • We live here now
  • We will continue to do so, this is our land

Put simply, the US/EU back Ukraine army is trying to invade and take the people of East Ukraine’s land, homes, history, language…their entire existence.

What would you do in this scenario?

Capitulate? Let strangers with a nazi ideology, armed to the teeth with guns provided by America, Germany and Poland, steal your livelihood? Or would you fight for everything and anything you have on this earth?

Here is the full Press Conference from The Saker’s site…

Joint press conference of DPR PM Zakharchenko and LPR PM Plotnitsky [eng subs]


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