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Dutch government refuses to release information concerning 17 secret MH17 documents

Several efforts have been made, from inside the Netherlands and from outside governments, to reveal the contents of 17 documents which encompass a variety of information around a secret deal between the Dutch government, Ukraine and the MH17 international investigation team. Not even Malaysia has access to these papers.

Opposition parties in the Dutch parliament have made numerous requests to gain access to the documents, but all attempts have failed. Makes you wonder…what are the 17 documents, listed below, hiding from the world?



Via Deep Resource…

Fake arguments used: privacy of civil servants named in the documents, protecting investigation techniques and tactics as well as stimulating the free flow of sensitive information between the parties involved.

To add insult to injury, the Malayan ambassador on Dutch television (Nieuwsuur) has expressed his dismay yesterday, that his country was not invited to participate in the investigation. Since it was a Malayan airliner that was shot down, Malaysia is a primary stake-holder, but unfortunately not a vassal of the US, unlike those other countries that were invited: Holland, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine (the main suspect). And even the OSCE has criticized the way the Dutch government is handling the MH17 case.

The Netherlands is listed #8 on the global corruption index (#1 = least corrupt). The obvious attempt to cover up the murder of nearly 200 of its own citizens, just because the US insists for reasons of geopolitical opportunism, namely to lift the Ukraine unhindered from the Russian into the Western sphere of influence, should be sufficient reason to kick that country (the Netherlands) a few notches down that ranking. Add the Netherlands to the list of banana-republics. That’s what you get when you hang out with the wrong friends.

As said several times before, the West has no proof that Russian separatists did it, otherwise it would have been shouted from the rooftops. Now they follow plan B: covering the crime up with delay tactics.


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