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EC President Juncker to Tsipras, “in order to remain friends one has to respect some minimum rules”

Is Juncker being worn down by the entire Greece crisis?

Via Reuters…

Juncker voiced exasperation with Tsipras, who denounced the lenders’ terms as “absurd” in the Greek parliament on Friday, and said that while he considered Tsipras a friend, “in order to remain friends one has to respect some minimum rules”.

The EU chief executive said he expected negotiations with Tsipras and other euro zone leaders on the sidelines of an EU-Latin America summit in Brussels starting on Wednesday.

He reaffirmed that a Greek exit from the single currency area was not an option but cautioned that that did not mean he could “pull a rabbit out of a hat” to prevent it.

Asked when the final deadline was for a deal with Greece, which is fast running out of cash and struggling to meet its payment obligations this month, Juncker told a news conference before a G7 summit in Germany: “For sure there will be a deadline.” But he gave no date.


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