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EU isolation? Gallop poll shows that Greeks have a higher approval rating of Russia’s leadership than their very own EU leaders

Zerohedge calls it like it is…

It would appear the people will not be too upset should the Putin Pivot provide the next level of financial aid?


Via Gallop:

In the early days after the Syriza party’s sweeping victory in Greece, many are watching whether this new government will pivot toward Russia or the EU. Representatives of the Syriza party, including new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, appear friendlier toward Russia’s leadership, as are Greeks in general. More than one in three Greeks (35%) in 2014 approved of Russia’s leadership, while fewer than one in four (23%) approved of the EU’s leadership.

Greeks’ higher approval ratings may reflect the cultural, religious and economic ties that Greece has enjoyed for years with Russia, one of the country’s major trading partners. But they also echo Greeks’ strong displeasure with the EU’s leadership, which they are more likely to have an opinion about than Russia’s. Nearly as many Greeks have no opinion of Russia’s leadership (30%) as approve (35%) or disapprove (35%).

It was a huge blow to the already fragile Greek economy last year when Russia banned EU food imports in response to Western sanctions. Greek agricultural exports to Russia make up 41% of all Greek exports to Russia, worth approximately 200 million euros annually. Before this ban was put in place in August last year, three in four Greeks thought the national economy was getting worse.

Among Greeks who saw their economy as getting worse, twice as many residents approved of Russia’s leadership (37%) as approved of the EU’s leadership (18%). Russia’s leadership also fared better than Germany’s leadership (26%) by more than 10 percentage points.

Greek approval of Russia’s leadership differed little among the 10% of Greeks who thought the national economy was getting better. However, this small optimistic group is more approving of the leadership of the EU and Germany compared with their pessimistic counterparts.

Keep in mind that this poll was conducted by the US’s Gallop. I wonder how low the EU leader approval rating would have been, and how high the Putin approval rating would have been if this poll was done by a Greek polling service?


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