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EU leaders go for the throat with their new sanctions against Russia. Russia’s response to Europe…PAIN

I have to admit, as much as I hate what the corrupt, sociopath leaders of the US and Europe are doing to Russia, Ukraine and their own citizens, there is a part of me that hopes Russia brings a world of hurt to Europe. Seeing the Brussels manginas squirm and cry like the little spoiled children they are is quite entertaining.

The leaders of Europe are such absolute puppets that they deserve to be hit as hard a possible with asymmetrical measures, which maybe, just maybe, may wake up one European country to be the first domino to fall, and finally end this Brussels, EU nightmare.

Make no mistake about it, these new sanctions make zero sense and benefit no one, especially a European country. The only logical explanation as to why European leaders took this action comes down to corruption on the grandest of scales.

To put it simply, all of Brussels must be on the take, big time. Their is no other way any President or Prime Minister, of any sovereign nation, would have approved such an action, that will most certainly leave their very own people infinitely worse off.

And on that note The Russian Foreign Ministry had this response…foreshadowing the pain that Europeans will eventually feel, all for the propping up of a neo-nazi government, in a country that is not even a member of the EU:

We have the following to say regarding a statement by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy on 11 September this year on the adoption of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions.

By taking this step, the European Union has made its choice against a peaceful settlement of the internal crisis in Ukraine, which all responsible forces in Europe should have supported instead.

Brussels and the leaders of the EU member-countries now need to give a clear answer to their citizens as to why they are putting them under the risk of confrontation, economic stagnation and unemployment.

Give the people a chance for peace.

What is on the cards for the Russian retaliation towards Europe. Reading the above short and poignant statement from The Russian MFA, as Mr. T so famously said in Rocky 3, “Prediction, PAIN.”


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