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EU leaders to Ukraine’s former Premier, “if we did not sign the accord then it would be signed by another government”

Day after day more truths about what exactly happened to trigger the Ukraine crisis are seeing the light of day. From Obama admitting that the US engineered in the Maidan coup, to NATO weapons being used to attack civilians in Donbass, the West’s involvement in this entire tragedy runs disturbingly deep.

When will the truth about MH-17 finally be revealed?

Briefing reporters today in Moscow, Ukraine’s ex-Premier Nikolai Azarov insists that European Commission representatives pushed him hard to sign an association agreement with the EU, threatening a government change in Kiev.

Was this Europe’s “make him an offer he can’t refuse” moment?

Azarov said he was repeatedly told by European Commissioner Štefan Füle that…

“if we did not sign the accord then it would be signed by another government.”

Well we all know what happened when the agreement was not signed…enter Victoria Nuland, John McCain and Yats.

As more truths and revelations are exposed about Ukraine, people are waking up to the fact that the European Union is one of the most corrupt and despicable organisations operating on the planet.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

“I have never once heard (Vladimir) Putin or (Dmitry) Medvedev telling me that if I did sign off on the agreement, we would have a different Cabinet and a different president, but this is exactly what I heard from Mr. Füle,” Azarov added when asked whether  the Russian authorities had been pressuring him not to ink the EU association deal.

Ukraine signed the EU association agreement in Brussels on June 27. The bulk of the accord took effect November 1, with the clause on establishing a free trade zone with the European Union slated to take effect on January 1, 2016.

The association deal provides for closer economic ties between Ukraine and the EU, harmonization of legal norms and the creation of a free trade zone between the two.

Keep in mind that the European Union has signed an association agreement with a country that had its government illegally overthrown, and is now engaged in a civil war, where Kiev authorities are actively bombing Easy Ukrainian civilian populations.

The moral and values of the European Union are at a level not even fit for a sewer rat.


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