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European freedom? Ukraine’s security services start shutting down websites and domains

We are witnessing a repressive, neo-nazi state being built right in the heart of Europe…under the guidance and tutelage or the United States and European Union.

Journalists are arrested and sometimes murdered, political parties are banned and politicians sometimes murdered, and now internet websites and domains are being shut down.

When will web developers start disappearing, we wonder?

Sputnik News Agency reports…

Ukraine’s security services shut down on Wednesday several websites allegedly engaged in “acts of information aggression aimed at undermining the Ukrainian constitution”, a senior national security service official said.

“The Ukrainian Security Service…banned a number of Internet websites which were engaged in acts of information aggression on the part of the Russian Federation and undermined the constitution and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” Markian Lubkivskyi wrote on his Facebook account.

The banned websites were registered with and functioned with technical support from NIC.UA and Service Online affiliated Ukrainian societies.

Acting on a court order, USS operatives confiscated the servers used by the banned websites.


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