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European Parliament President Martin Schulz threatens Greece to get in line on Russian sanctions or else…

Another day, another unelected EU Oligarch sends out a warning to Greece, ‘to get in line or else.’

This time we have the unelected European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, warning the elected Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, on Wednesday against diverging from the EU’s stance towards Russia regarding Ukraine.

State sovereignty and free will is not allowed or tolerated in the dictatorship known as the Europe Union. America must be paying these EU stooges well.

Let us remind our readers that Tsipras won a democratic election on Sunday, with a clear mandate to govern based on his party’s platform.

By exercising that democratic mandate, and expressing a viewpoint that differs from Brussels, in criticising the EU statement that warned Moscow it faced new sanctions over its role in Ukraine (a role that we remind everyone has not once been documented with factual evidence), Greece is about to receive a full on assault from the sociopaths running the insane asylum in Europe.

Schulz did not mince his words in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF…

“I’ve noticed with dismay that Greece today has abandoned the joint position of the European Union on Russia.”

“You just cannot, on the one hand, demand from Europe to show solidarity with your own country like Mr. Tsipras does and then, as a first official step, split the joint European position.”

Let’s remind our dear Mr. Schulz how Europe showed solidarity with Greece, by turning the country into a banker guinea pig, and imposing German engineered austerity on a country suffering from an extraordinary high debt load. That was Berlin’s mandate of solidarity for Greece. Spare us your “solidarity” Mr. Schulz, a lot of good it has done.

Schulz is heading to Athens to meet with Tsipras on Thursday to go over the agenda of SYRIZA’s new anti-bailout government, and how Greece wants to address its debt problems…and of course to deliver this stern warning in person:

“I will tell him tomorrow that any unilateral approaches in foreign policy won’t help him.”

Schulz continued his threats, eager to win brownie points with his neo-con masters in Washington…

“I want to say it openly, I watched with horror as Greece abandoned the common EU position on Russia. I was really surprised.”

Responding to a question about what would happen if Greece boycotted the Council’s sanctions against Russia, Schulz had this to say…

“I think this cannot happen. We would need to speak with Mr. Tsipras, and this is what I will do, and what I believe others will do in the coming days. This government has been in power now for over two days, I do not believe that this government is ‘on rails’, but is still looking.”

Schulz ‘reminded’ Greek voters that they did not vote for Mr. Tsipras to “boycott the sanctions” against Russia.

“This issue did not play any role during the election period. The Greeks have completely different concerns. Concerns with their everyday lives, concerns for the education of their children, jobs for young people – there are areas where 50% of young people are unemployed – they are concerned for their income and for their pensions. These are the issues that should be discussed.”

Schulz is apparently unaware of the historic, cultural, and religious ties that bind Greece to Russia. Maybe Schulz graduated from the same university as Mr. Yatsenyuk, or Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetynaor, where history appears to not be a part of the everyday curriculum.

Greeks are Orthodox Christians, like Russians, and share an intertwined, historical connection dating back to the Byzantine empire and then some. With close to 85% of the Greek population in favor of rapprochement with Russia, if that is not a mandate to rethink recent actions against Russia than I do not know what is.

Schulz further ignores the economic impact that sanctions against Russia have had on the Greek tourism and agricultural sector, causing hundreds of millions of Greek fruits and vegetables to rot in the fields of farmers…who still wait to be compensated for the immeasurable damage done to their livelihood by unelected, oligarch tools like Schulz.

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