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European values and human rights. Poland was hosting CIA torture centers on its territory

We helped torture some folks!

Via BBC…

Mr Kwasniewski insisted he had not known about the harsh treatment used by the CIA interrogators.

Mr Kwasniewski had previously denied that Poland hosted a secret CIA prison.

A US Senate report into the CIA’s activities did not name the countries that hosted the prisons.

But the European Court of Human Rights ruled in July that Poland had allowed the CIA to torture two al-Qaeda suspects at a secret detention centre in 2002 and 2003, when Mr Kwasniewski was president.

In an interview following the publication of the US Senate report, Mr Kwasniewski said Poland had agreed to strengthen intelligence co-operation with the US following the September 11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon.

He said the Americans had been very secretive about the way they conducted their activities, which aroused suspicions among Polish officials.

“Poland took steps to end the activity at this site and the activity was stopped at some point,” Mr Kwasniewski told Radio TOK FM in Warsaw.

He said he had been unaware of the methods the CIA had used.

“These methods which are repulsive, which I do not accept, which are not justifiable, did not bring anything good. And that is the real catastrophe of the US, that is the real catastrophe of the CIA, that is the real catastrophe of George Bush.”

Prosecutors opened an investigation into the claims in 2008, three years after Mr Kwasniewski left office. The investigation continues and has yet to publish any findings.

All of Europe was in on the action…


And people still wonder how the EU can support a nazi regime in Kiev or NATO bombings in Libya.

Most of Europe is merely an American colony. There is no independence or sovereignty.

Now if only Poland can get with the program ands start flying an American flag on its Security Services building as well.

US flag on SBU building in Kiev




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