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The EU’s worst nightmare in one picture is now halfway closer to becoming a reality

Alexis Tsipras is going to the dance. Spain’s Podemos party leader, Pablo Iglesias, is waiting his turn.

The two radical left, anti-austerity, anti-EU dictatorship parties are Brussels’ oligarchs worst nightmare come true.

Greek news, Vima reports…

The leader of the Podemos party congratulated SYRIZA’s major electoral victory, while expressing his hope to mirror the Greek party’s ascent to power in the general elections scheduled for later this year in Spain.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias told a crowd of 8,000 supporters in Valencia that “hope is coming, fear is leaving. SYRIZA – Podemos: We will win!”

Mr. Iglesias, who was in Athens on Thursday for SYRIZA’s final election campaign rally, claimed that “in Greece we are already hearing [the countdown to change]” and added that he wanted to hear the same thing very soon in Spain.


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