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FEMEN activist tries to steal baby Jesus statue in Vatican’s St Peter’s Square (Video)

Topless FEMEN activist screams “God is Woman”

A topless FEMEN activist made a scene on Christmas Day outside the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square.

FEMEN activist Alisa Vinogradova was busted by police as she spastically tried to take away a baby Jesus statue in the square on Monday.

Video below, EXPLICIT language…

The looney group FEMEN, founded in Ukraine, says its goal is to achieve “complete victory over patriarchy.”

In a Facebook post, FEMEN claimed the protest “represented a modern, free Virgin Mary, who speaks out against the patriarchal religious institutions and their centuries old practices of assault and oppression of women.”

Reuters reports…

A Reuters photographer said the woman jumped over guard rails and rushed onto the larger-than-life Nativity scene shouting “God is woman”. She had the same slogan painted on her bare back.

A Vatican gendarme stopped her from taking the statue and she was detained. The incident happened about two hours before Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message to some 50,000 people in the square.

The group’s website identified her as Alisa Vinogradova and called her a “sextremist”. It says the goal of the group, which was founded in Ukraine, is “complete victory over patriarchy”.

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