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Fidel Castro breaks silence, ‘does not trust the U.S. policies’ and ‘has not exchanged a single word with the Americans’

Fidel Castro, 88, in a letter addressed Cuban students, says he does not trust the U.S. policies and he has not exchanged a single word with the Americans, although this does not mean at all a rejection of peaceful resolution to military conflicts or removal of military threats.

Castro did indicate that the defence of peace is everyone’s duty. In his letter Fidel said,

The Cubans will always defend cooperation and friendship among all the peoples in the world and even with this country’s political opponents.

ITAR TASS News Agency further reports that Castro says,

…the steps taken by his younger brother Raul Castro, who is Cuba’s President of the Council of State and President of the Council of Ministers, were appropriate and fell in line with the occupational powers granted by the National Assembly and the ruling Communist Party of Cuba.

Fidel indicates that the ominous threats looming over humankind today should give way to norms compatible with the notion of human dignity.

On December 17, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama, in a last ditch effort to score some sort of foreign policy win in what has been the most disastrous foreign policy term of any acting president, made public his plans to open a new chapter in relations with Cuba.

POTUS Obama admitted that the policy of isolation of  Cuba for more than five decades had not produced the desired results and he said the trade embargo against Havana would be mitigated. Obama then proceeded to place more sanctions on Russia.

A full abolition of sanctions does require Congressional approval, and with an extremely hawkish, pro-war Republican Congress in power, the abolition of sanctions against Cuba may not be coming anytime soon.

On the same day, Raul Castro confirmed that Cuba and the U.S. had agreed to resume diplomatic relations. He stressed Havana’s abidance by “a respectful dialogue based on the principle of sovereign equality.”


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