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France won’t deport rapists, but legislates heavy fines for catcalls and whistles

Instead of removing those who threaten women’s safety, the National Assembly declares war on free speech

President Emmanuel Macron will soon cement his position as the virtue signaler-in-chief of the French Republic by signing a new bill which imposes fines of nearly $900 on anyone who “whistles” or makes “sexual comments” toward another person.

As if men didn’t have reason enough to fear sexual harassment allegations already (like total destruction of your family, reputation, and career – all without trial).

Macron’s Gender Equality Minister said the new law is necessary because women feel “unsafe” in the streets in France.

Of course, that certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with the millions of Arab and African Muslims in France who have no respect for western values vis-a-vis treatment of women.

Rather than face up to reality by deporting those who threaten French women’s safety, France’s far-left Marxist-Feminazi regime has declared war on free speech.

The details via Sputnik:

In France, people will face fines up to the equivalent of $885 for wolf-whistling or making sexual comments toward others after France’s National Assembly approved a new bill this week to limit sexual harassment.

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, the purpose of the new law is to ensure that “women are not afraid to be outside,” the Independent reported.

Asked previously about the the difference between harassment and flirtation, French Minister for Gender Equality,Marlene Schiappa responded, “We know very well at what point we start feeling intimidated, unsafe or harassed in the street,” cited by the Independent.

During his 2017 presidential campaign, Macron pledged to end France’s notorious sexual harassment culture. The French president has indicated that he will sign the bill.

The new anti-harassment bill also extends the deadline for reporting underage rapes — from 20 years after a victim turns 18, to 30 years.

Some within France’s conservative parties opposed the bill, including lawmaker Emmanuelle Menard who suggested on Wednesday that the bill was a “witch hunt against men” that outlawed “a certain bawdy behavior which cannot be compared to harassment.”

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