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Friday’s Paris attacks are an “act of war” and Islamic State is behind them: French President Francois Hollande

Who created, trained and funded the Islamic State (hint: CIA/Obama).

Some comments from Zerohedge users on Hollande’s announcement after the attacks:

Bokkenrijder: Closing the borders is the biggest joke ever: there are probably already hundreds, if not thousands of terrorists inside France already! Furthermore, as the ‘refugee’ crisis has shown, the EU borders are as porous like a siv.

It’s just another ‘optical measure’ to keep the sheeple quiet.

thesonandheir:Wait tl Turkey gets signed on to the Schengen agreement, absolute ISIS free for all over europe.

Automatic Choke: false flag or real, a bunch of bystanders got shot because somebody wanted to push their politics.

this sucks.  my condolences to those caught in the middle.

Bunghole: It’s amazinng what a puppet Hollande is for the NWO.

CheapBastard: It looks like zero politicans were killed in these blasts … just innocent civilians.

Lumberjack: weren’t they the ones who attacked libya first? This is an orchestrated event.

Post via Zerohedge…

In the wake of the stunning wave of bombings, shootouts, and hostage situations unfolding in Paris on Friday, French President Francois Hollande has closed the French border.

Addressing the nation, President Francois Hollande called on everyone to remain strong and show “compassion and unity.”

“There is much to fear, but we must face these fears as a nation that knows how to muster its forces and will confront the terrorists,” the president said.

He has also declared a state of emergency and called for more army assistance.


The dramatic move comes amid an ongoing situation in the streets of Paris that will likely go down in history as one of the more daring terrorist attacks in history.

A series of bombs echoed through the streets followed by sporadic gunfire. What unfolded afterwards turned the streets into a veritable war zone with dozens killed thus far and a hostage situation involving some 100 people.

The move to close the border will likely serve as a rallying cry for those who oppose the accommodation of the millions of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

The President ended his speech with “Vive la Republique et Vive la France.”


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