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German Chancellor Angela Merkel prefers supporting Oligarchs in Ukraine rather than her own citizens

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is sitting by watching the German economy implode all in support of a fascist governed Ukraine, …WTF?

After the elections in Donetsk and Luhansk, Merkel came out with this statement regarding the sanctions placed on Russia, that are actually crippling Germany more than any other country:

“There are no reasons to cancel them now,” she said in Berlin on Tuesday. Merkel named elections in the self-proclaimed republics “illegal,” noting that Moscow should influence militias more actively to prevent the conflict from escalation.

“Russia does not take effort at an extent we would like them to do so,” she said, noting importance of observing the Minsk agreements by all conflicting parties.

EU logic at its finest:

  • Support a coup of a democratically elected government
  • Install a fascist regime into power
  • Stir up  and fund a civil war
  • Bankrupt the country and pillage its industries
  • …and then place sanctions on Russia for not succumbing to US/EU hegemony

Good luck Mrs. Merkel trying to save the sinking ship that is the EU. Russia, the US and even Ukraine Oligarchs are laughing at the stupidity of your foreign policy.


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