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Here we go again. Greece is starting to crack and crash, after seven years of IMF/EU plundering

Greek markets are tumbling. Greek stocks are down over 9% – the biggest plunge in 6 years and bond yields are surging.

Perhaps this comment from a Zerohedge user explains this most recent Greek tragedy:

Greece has been in a state of perpetual crashes just like the west has been in a state of perpetual fake bubbles over the last few years.

It is a well known fact that Greece was propped up only for the purpose of not causing a domino effect and for the purpose of asset stripping her.

GDP has shrunk by over 25% and if it was not for the drawdown on savings to maintain living expenses, the figure would have been far worse.

Greece is nothing more than an example of genocidal economics as practised and preached by darker powers than the ones that reside in the underworld.


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