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Google creates a new company called Google 2.0. Its googly goal, ‘build airports and cities’

What can we expect from Google when their massive advertising operation starts to decline?

How about travelling from city to city using Google airports.  Actually scratch that…how about travelling from Google city to Google city using Google airports.

The UK’s Independent reports:

Google’s seemingly limitless ambition has seen the company take on drones, self-driving cars and even the problem of aging, but the company’s founders have even grander plans – to build cities and airports.

A report from The Information (paywall) says the co-founder Larry Page has set up a ‘company within a company’ dubbed ‘Google 2.0’ that will look at the tech giant’s long-term future – presumably for when advertising revenue from search traffic (inevitably) dries up.

This could even include building “a model airport and city.” Page has argued that although rival billionaire Elon Musk might be in favour of a ‘hyperloop’ (a train concept that could travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes), the problem with long-range transport is not that planes are slow, but that airports are inefficient.

The Google world is already kind of underway. Google execs are building a private air terminal at San Jose International Airport for $82 million, to house their eight private jets.

Will travel from Google Airports and living in a Google city be free as long as we accept to terms placing little Adsense banners around us 24/7?


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