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Greece stands up to the EU bully. Sanctions against Russia will only be extended with no new sanctions approved

Government sources in Greece are signalling a major diplomatic success after the European Union decided to only extend sanctions against Russia until September, and not place any new restrictions on the Russian Federation over the crisis in Ukraine.

“Athens, in cooperation with other countries, managed to reverse the Cold War climate in favor of imposing new sanctions on Russia, a climate that had only grown in recent days,” Greek government sources stated.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Frederica Mogherini told reporters following the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels:

“We have decided to extend the restrictive measures targeting persons and entities that were decided in March last year…until September of this year.”

Greek officials underlined that the existing sanctions would only be renewed until September and not extended for a full year…and no explicit reference to the addition of Russian citizens onto individual sanctions lists.

“It turned out that Greece’s best interests in european policy cannot be ignored for other peoples’ choices and lack of diplomacy”, noted Greek government sources.


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