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Greece’s Education Minister has cracked the code to solving his country’s unemployment problem

The answer to all of Greece’s unemployment woes can be summed up in two words, “bonus points.”  Think of it like getting upvoted on reddit, or amassing retweets on Twitter, Likes on Facebook.

The brilliant employment plan, soon to be piloted with teachers, goes like this (from Keep Talking Greece blog)…

Greek Education Ministry seek fill 1,100 job vacancies with teachers who would be gladly and proudly work on “voluntary basis”, that is without payment! According to daily TA NEA, Education Minister Andreas Loverdos considers to seek teachers who would work on voluntary basis in order to fill up vacancies in schools with teachers’ shortage.

The volunteers will be rewarded with “bonus points” that will help them improve their hiring options, should these be possible on day in the near or -most likely – far future.

As the loan agreement with the Troika ‘freezes’ replacement of retired personnel, the shortage of teachers in schools is impossible to be overcome.

“I cannot achieve the goal of hiring 1,100 teachers because I have no funds,” Minister Loverdos told TA NEA (via

If the state ‘hires’ personnel on volunteer basis, you can imagine what happens in the private sector of the crisis- and recession-hit country.

I am not sure whether Minister Loverdos, a neo-liberal from “socialist” PASOK,  seeks to create an example for new neoliberal labor conditions, but certainly this is the “LOL of the Day”!

PS I suppose, Samaras’ success story, primary surplus and successful return to markets has not reached the Education Ministry yet.

F***in brilliant thinking from the Education Minister, free workers…volunteers ready to slave away for love of country. After 8 years of EU/IMF austerity Greece finally has a clear plan to profitability.

And after the teachers volunteer to work without pay, how about all the government officials, Ministers, President, staff etc…jump on the free work bandwagon!

Hey Mr. Loverdos, we are sure you will ‘gladly and proudly work on voluntary basis…’ right?

After all you will get “bonus points” added to your account profile, and maybe even earn a couple of badges.


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