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Greece’s new government slaps the EU in the face. Says no to anti-Russian statement

The new greek government of SYRIZA showed some teeth in its first few days on the job.

The new Greek government, led by Alexis Tsipras, made its first big move in the geo-political space, by calling out notorious Russophobe, European Council President Donald Tusk, on his devious little statement to pin the blame of the Mariupol bombing on Russia, in a pretext to ramping up more EU sanctions against The Russian Federation.

The Merkel protege, and western lackey EC President, was left embarrassed by Tsipras’s bold and unexpected move. For the first time in years, someone has finally stood up to the criminal stooges running the European Union.

Greece’s press communique on Tuesday (27 January), regarding Tusk’s statement against Russia:

“the aforementioned statement was released without the prescribed procedure to obtain consent by the member states and particularly without ensuring the consent of Greece”.

“In this context, it is underlined that Greece does not consent to this statement”.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, expressed “discontent” in a phone call to EU foreign relations chief Federica Mogherini.

Tsipras stressed that Greece does not agree with the statement on new sanctions against Russia, and that the next time the EU drafts a communication on this topic, and other external issues, Greece should be asked individually and specifically before announcements are made in it’s name.

EU Observer reports on Tsipras’ slapping around of Tusk:

The EU statement on Russia, published on Tuesday morning, claimed all 28 leaders had agreed Russia bears “responsibility” for a rocket attack on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which killed 30 people.

It also called on foreign ministers to “consider any appropriate action” – further sanctions on Russia.

It was drafted by the cabinet of EU Council chief Donald Tusk, a Russia-critical Pole, on Monday evening.

His people say he phoned Tsipras and that they contacted all the capitals’ “sherpas” – senior officials dealing with EU issues in each leader’s private office.

They also say no one on the Greek side voiced objections until Monday morning.

They then suggested adding a footnote to the statement, but “as Greece did not want such a footnote, it was clear to us that we could publish the statement as agreed in the evening”.

For its part, the Greek embassy to the EU is playing down the fiasco as confusion linked to the hand-over of power in Athens

But one EU diplomat told this website Greece had tried to remove the line blaming Russia for the Mariupol killing.

He said Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia also tried, and failed, to “water down” the communique.

Meanwhile, an EU Council official said the situation – a retroactive abjuration of an EU line – has “never happened before”.

“I guess this means it’s now a statement of 27 EU heads of state or government instead of 28 and we will have to add the footnote”, he said.

“But it’s not a legally binding document anyway, so it doesn’t become invalid in that sense”.

For his part, Tsipras will prove to be a major headache to Merkel and her minions, in their effort to escalate the west’s confrontation with Russia.

Tsipras’ government has expressed serious misgivings regarding the crisis in Ukraine, recognising that Nazi forces, with direct connections to Ukrainian SS history, are being supported by EU leaders.

Tsipras visited Moscow last May where he meet with Russian MPs and Putin associates. He expressed his support for Crimea’s “referendum” on independence, said the EU “is shooting itself in the foot” by imposing sanctions on Russia, and noted that the “do no wrong” putsch government in Kiev contains “neo-nazis”.

As an added bonus for Brussels, Greece’s new Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, was on CNBC and had this to say about Greece’s upcoming confrontation with Brussels regarding the country’s debt…

“This is what happens when you humilate a nation and don’t give it any hope.

Bankruptcy cannot be dealt with by more borrowing.”


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