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How the Greek government turned a blind eye to the Ukrainian army’s bombing of Greek villages and homes in the Donetsk region

On December 8th, 2014, one day after various bombings of Greek villages in Donetsk were carried out by Ukrainian government forces, Greek MP, Gabriel Avramidis, made the following speech to Parliament:

“After the declaration made by the President of the Federation of Greek Communities of Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Protsenko-Pitsatzi, about the prohibition of the use of the Russian language as being extremist and a violation of human rights…characteristic of a totalitarian regime, the regime in Kiev responded by bombarding Greek villages [in Donetsk region].

To be specific, they bombed the villages of Stila, Komsomorsk, Telmanovo, Dokutskaevsk, and Petrovskoe, which are quite removed from the conflict zone, and which resulted in the killing and wounding of ethnic Greeks. According to Greeks in the region, more than 100 homes have been destroyed. I call upon the Greek government to take immediate action to protect the lives and property of the Greeks in the area.”

Greece held the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union from January 2014 to June 2014. One of the first trips made by Greek government officials on behalf of the Council of the European Union was sending Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos to visit Ukraine on March 2nd, 2014…weeks after the illegal coup had been completed.

Mr. Venizelos visited Mariupol, where a large Greek diaspora community currently resides. He then traveled to Kiev, and held meetings with the country’s new political leadership. Venizelos’ trip immediately legitimised the illegal government in Kiev, on behalf of the European Union.

In doing so, Greece turned its back on one of its most trusted allies, Russia, and officially gave its support and backing to a coup d’etat, government…something that raises many questions regarding Greece’s stance on the Cyprus problem, and Turkey’s claim that the occupied north of Cyprus should be recognised internationally as a legitimate state.

How did Ukraine thank Mr. Venizelos, and the Hellenic Republic for their ‘ring kissing’ loyalty?

When the local Greek community in the area refused to stop speaking the Russian language, the Ukraine government, that Mr. Venizelos paid tribute too, bombed Greek villages and burned them to the ground.

Since Mr. Avramidis’ speech to the Greek Parliament on December 8th 2014, not one action or condemnation of the Kiev regime’s attack on the Greek diaspora has been issued by the current, ‘Euro-friendly’ government of Antonis Samaras. Local Greek media has buried the story, and to date remains silent on the events that took place on December 7th, 2014.

On January 25, 2015, Greece will have elections. Greeks will once again be asked to vote for freedom and sovereignty, which includes protecting the Greek diaspora wherever they may be, or remaining a weak vassal state, beholden to the EU Oligarchs in Brussels. The choice is clear.


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