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Hollande flip flops on Mistral warship delivery to Russia. May deliver ships after all. If not maybe ISIS can buy them?

François Hollande is acting like a douche. He should man up and honor his contractual obligation to deliver the ships to Russia.

Yesterday he canceled the order, folding to US pressure like a complete weakling, embarrassing all of France in the meantime. Fine, we get it…Hollande (all EU leaders for that matter) are puppets to the deep state. Now the Mistral warship order has been suspended, or has it?

We have this coming in from Zerohedge:

Various US Senators applauded French President Hollande’s decision to suspend the Mistral warship delivery to Russia yesterday. However, they may be disappointed today as, having clearly been reminded of the huge potential penalties that his nation would face (let alone lost revenue/rebates) if it were to cancel the delivery of 2 Mistral warships to Russia, Hollande “explained” today that the contract for the Mistral sale to Russia “is not broken or suspended” but will instead depend on events in the coming weeks. Ironically, the Russians may actually be pleased if the deal is canceled as they avoid overpaying for the ships and benefit from France’s weakening.

Their is nothing worse than a flip flopper. Hollande is confused and totally unfit to lead France. He is not looking after the best interests of his people, and actually makes Putin look better with his indecision.

Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky explains…

France’s decision to freeze delivery of a Mistral helicopter-carrier warship to Russia is yet another example of how clueless Western leaders are about Moscow politics. The nationalist hawks who are the strongest supporters of President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine are all the happier for the suspension.

The contract has penalty clauses that France will struggle to avoid, possibly turning Russia’s loss on the supposedly unfavorable price into a gain. At the same time, the defense industry will be able to portray Russia’s foreign partners as unreliable and argue for increased funding to retool domestic factories.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen chimed in on Hollande’s decision (or lack thereof) as reported by RT:

France’s decision to suspend the delivery of the first of two Mistral helicopter carrier ships to Russia shows Paris’ obedience of American diplomacy, said National Front leader Marine Le Pen. Russia still believes that France will fulfill the contract.

“This decision is very serious, firstly because it runs contrary to the interests of the country and shows our obedience of American diplomacy,” Le Pen told France’s RTL radio.

She added that suspension of Mistral warships is also serious “for the reputation of France and the value of its word in trade relations.”

“It will have a huge cost: four months of employment in Saint-Nazaire [where Mistral vessels are under construction], millions of working hours,” Le Pen added, “The delay will cause a fine of 5 to 10 billion euro.”

Le Pen undoubtedly has the balls to lead France forward. Hollande should join the circus, he’s a clown.


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