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Hollywood Weinstein Company made money with each of Harvey’s sexual assault cases

Sexual assault was built into Harvey’s contract.

Next time you hear any executive from the Weinstein Company issuing a statement about how ‘disgusted’ they are with Harvey’s actions, remember this is hollywood…it is a community of bullshitters who were well aware of Harvey’s antics, and even profited from his sexual deviance.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Carley Shimkus joined Jesse Watters on Watters World on Saturday night to discuss the serial sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein.

According to a report on TMZ Harvey Weinstein’s contract allowed for sexual assault cases.

Carley Shimkus: This I believe in my opinion is the smoking gun here. According to TMZ reported that the Harvey Weinstein contract with the Weinstein Company actually allowed sexual misconduct to take place. All he had to do was pay the settlement and then pay from $250,000 to one million dollars to the company and then he would be allowed to keep his job.

Jesse Watters: Oh, so it insulates him.

Carley Shimkus: Yeah, in my opinion that actually means that the Weinstein Company was profiting off of these instances of sexual assault. Also why would you have that written in your contract if it wasn’t already widely known?

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