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Hungary is taking a stand against the EU’s rule and reclaiming its right to sovereignty

A member of Hungary’s Fidesz conservative party, Laszlo Kover, said,

“The EU attempts to dictate Hungary what to do will lead to the country’s withdrawal from the Union slowly and carefully.”

An initiative by the Fidesz ruling party to impose a tax on the Internet was a motive for such strong statements. Thousands of people took to streets for protest actions on Sunday, October 26 that led to disorders.

At the moment European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes urged people to take part in protest actions. Because the only entity than can impose taxes, confiscate property, and rob banks are the Brussels elites.


“If Brussels believes that the countries can be dictated the rules of conduct, this reminds us of the USSR actions in 1956,” Hungary’s MTI news agency quoted the parliament speaker as saying.

This did not stop Brussels from encouraging even larger protests on Tuesday night, demanded that legislation imposing a tax on internet traffic be withdrawn within 48 hours.

Now that the E.U. has some regime change / coup d’état experience under it’s belt after its meddling in Ukraine, why not try their luck in Hungary as well.

Via RT:

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Hungary despite the government’s amendment of a controversial internet tax bill. The demonstrators say the country is turning anti-democratic and drifting away from the EU.

Since taking power in 2010, Orban’s center-right government has imposed taxes on the banking, retail, energy and telecommunications sector. The measures are designed to keep the budget deficit in check, but have hurt some foreign investors’ profits.

The PM’s Fidesz party scored a landslide victory in this month’s municipal elections, while left-wing parties performed poorly, failing to produce a joint candidate to spearhead their campaign.

The people behind the protests, however, are evidently not among Orban’s supporters, as they were demanding his ouster during the latest rally. The crowd organized by a Facebook-based social network, which appeared to be composed of well-heeled professionals, marched through central Budapest carrying slogans like “How many times do you want to skin us?”



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