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IMF to Greece: No more money until you ‘democratically’ elect the government we want you to have

If Syriza wins, should Greece expect a visit from cookie monster Victoria Nuland and her bag of coup d’etats and color revolutions?

Via Zerohedge:

Earlier today, moments after the failed Greek presidential vote pulled the forgotten topic of a Grexit up front and center, the IMF announced that it is suspending financial aid to Greece under its huge rescue program until a new government is formed. RTE quotes IMF spokesperson Gerry Rice who said discussion on the completion of the sixth review of Greece’s bailout will resume once a new government is in place. Mr Rice added that the holdup in the program would not impact the country’s finances in the short term.

According to RTE, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece must stick to agreed economic reforms regardless of the outcome of the election. In a statement, Mr Shaeuble said “these tough reforms are bearing fruit, they have no alternative.”

And while the symbiotic relationship between Greece and Europe has been well-known for a long time, with Europe pretending to fund Greece (when it was just paying the interest and maturities on Greek debt held by official European entities), and Greece pretending to reform (when it was really just resting), the charade has now been put on indefinite hiatus.

Via RTE:

A negotiating team from the “troika” of creditors from the EU, IMF and European Central Bank, had been due to resume talks in Athens next month to wind up the €240 billion bailout and agree an interim, post-bailout programme.

In a bid to reassure international partners, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has sounded a more moderate tone recently, promising to keep Greece in the euro and negotiate an end to the bailout agreement rather than scrap it unilaterally.

But he has stuck to his promise to reverse many of the tough austerity measures imposed during the crisis, reversing cuts to the minimum wage, freezing state layoffs and halting the sale of state assets.

Face it folks, bankers run the world.

Last time this happened in Greece, a Goldman Sachs stooge was firmly placed in the Prime Minister’s seat in order to preserve the debt slavery model that the western ‘democracies’ love so much.


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