Instead of trying to fix its economy, Ukraine’s puppet leaders are spending $200 million to build a wall along its Russian border


Instead of focusing on fixing an economy that is in free fall, Ukraine’s idiot, puppet leaders are building a useless wall to keep invisible Russian soldiers out…or is it really to keep Ukraine citizens seeking refuge and safety in Russia locked in?

Via Sputnik News Agency…

“The impenetrable wall [Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy] Yatsenyuk is building to “defend Europe against Russia” has always been a profanation and the West agreed to finance this ditch,” Alexei Pushkov wrote on his Twitter account.

Kiev authorities earlier approved a major new program to isolate the country from Russia by constructing an enormous barrier, equipped with anti-tank ditches and remote controlled weapons stations.

The plan includes a project initially called ‘The Wall’ or ‘European bulwark’.

It’s estimated to be worth 4 billion hryvnias (about $200 million) and involves the construction of a barbed-wire fence with 17-meter high steelwork turrets.

There will also be four-meter wide, two-meter deep antitank ditches, a lateral route and a drag road, remote combat modules, fortified sectors, observation posts, CCTV cameras, communication towers and alarm systems.



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