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Introducing SuperShe – the island get-away just for women

Dedicated to helping women get their minds off of men, it’s a safe, testosterone-free zone.

Management consultant and entrepreneur Kristina Roth recently purchased an island off the coast of Finland to be a women’s only retreat. Dedicated to helping women get their minds off of men and partake in activities such as yoga, meditation, cooking classes, and more, it’s a safe, testosterone-free zone.

The island, which she is naming “SuperShe” is right next door to an island that her boyfriend’s parents own, and will be begin taking public visitors in June. The New York Post Reports:

The founder, former consultant Kristina Roth, thought up the idea after taking several restorative vacations at the Ashram in Calabasas, Calif., and the nearby Ranch Malibu.

She loved both experiences but found that men’s company seemed to mess with the relaxing vibes. “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick,” she tells The Post. “The idea [at SuperShe island] is, hey, focus on yourself — don’t try to get your hormones up.”

Roth decided on Finland after falling in love with a local. “His parents own an island on the archipelago, and he kept telling me, the island next door is for sale,” she tells The Post. “I said, I’m not interested, I just bought a beautiful piece of land in Turks and Caicos — I’m really not interested.”

But once she saw the place, she fell in love with the wooded utopia. Although the females-only approach sounds exclusionary, Roth insists she’s not a man-hater. (“I love men!” she says.) She’s open to the possibility of gentleman SuperShe visitors in the future.

So far, however, SuperShe voyagers have all come from within Roth’s inner circle. Once reservations open to the public in July, Roth says she’ll vet interested parties in a similar way to Soho House, which requires current members to vouch for applicants. Costs are to be determined.

Roth’s female only get away makes news because it’s a thing just for women, and is happening in the midst of the #MeToo female empowerment movement. If a man were to buy and island and turn it into male only resort, there would be massive cries for a lynching. It shows that the new equality movement is a one way street.

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