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ISIS, Ukraine, Syria…it was, and always has been, about Qatar and Saudi gas and oil to Europe [Map]

ISIS and Ukraine, it’s all about gas, oil and energy control.

Running a pipeline from Qatar and Saudi Arabia right into Europe was, and always has been the plan. ISIS is Obama’s back door play into finally getting rid of Assad, and pleasing his Qatari, Saudi, and banker masters.

syria-qatar-pipelineOnce Assad is gone (who is a Russian ally), the Qatari Princes and Saudi Kings can finally begin to build a pipeline locking up the European energy market once and for all. Russia (and Putin) must be destabilised, kept occupied, removed and divorced from Europe…whatever it takes. Anything to move Russia’s energy out of Europe and replace it with Qatari / Saudi reserves.

EU leaders will make their very own citizens suffer even more back breaking poverty and austerity by sanctioning Russia. Obama is about to bomb Syria (a sovereign nation). Main stream media puppets successfully framed the narrative of Assad’s evils, ISIS’s brutality and Putin’s Hitler’esque agenda.

All the players involved in this farce stand to make lots of money, more than any average person can possibly imagine. ITS ALL ABOUT OIL AND GAS.


Qatar Gas Lines to Europe

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