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John McCain warns German Chancellor Merkel to not divert from America’s desire for all out war

This is what John ‘bomb everything’ McCain said regarding Germany’s decision to not go along with the Empire of Chaos’ galactically stupid plan to provide lethal weapons to the neo-nazis running around in Kiev…

“One might think that she does not know or does not care that people are being slaughtered in Ukraine.” 

Just to understand something…does John McCain feel sorry for the innocent civilians in the Donbass who are, and have for the past year, undergone non-stop artillery shelling and cluster bombing from a US/EU backed Ukraine army?

Or does John McCain feel sorry for the nazi Ukraine soldiers who are being put through the meat grinder of yet another US war?

Sputnik News Agency reports…

The US Republican Senator John McCain has criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for not yielding to supplying arms to Ukraine.

The politician accused her of indifference towards the Ukrainian people suffering the consequences of a conflict in the southeast of the country.

“One might think that she does not know or does not care that people are being slaughtered in Ukraine,” the German media quotes McCain as saying.

The Senator’s words, coming ahead of Merkel’s visit to Washington on February 9, caused heavy criticism back in Germany. 

On Thursday McCain, who is now attending the Security Conference in Munich, led about a dozen Republican and Democratic senators back in the US pressing President Obama to send arms to help Kiev defend itself against what he described as a Russian-backed separatist movement.

On Friday night Germany directly rebuffed the US over its appeal.

German ministers said that allowing US arms to be used in Ukraine would “pour oil onto the flames.”

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen warned against sending arms, saying this would act as a ‘fire accelerant.’


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