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Liberal looney claims on Fox News that “Women are just better than men!” (Video)

Cathy Areu gets embarrassed by Tucker Carlson.

Crazy eyes Cathy Areu returned to Tucker Carlson, playing the part of useful idiot, liberal looney that only she can play so well.

After a variety of “Toxic Masculinity” news hit the web following the Texas Church massacre, Ms. Areu confidently went on Tucker’s show to proclaim that “Women Are Just Better Than Men!”

Her reasoning is that women do not kill or murder at the rates of men.

Obviously Ms. Areu has never seen the video of Hillary Clinton cackling when she needlessly destroyed Libya, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the process, and plunging the once most prosperous and wealthy African nation into utter chaos.

Conversely Ms. Areu has no problem seeing “Toxic Masculinity” fight in wars to provide her with the cushy life she enjoys so much…or work the fields, dig the holes, scale the buildings, and ship the thousands of things that make up her Sex and the City lifestyle.

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